Sunday, October 16, 2011

From New Orleans back to the trailer park...

Well, I'm back from GayRomLit and had a blast. I met so many wonderful people that I wanted to bring home and keep forever, but the trailer just isn't that big, ya know? Maybe I should think about getting a doublewide.

Anyhoo, I'll be adding details as the week progresses, but I learned some very important facts during the con:

1) I'd happily pay Anel Viz good money to read to me.
2) The best place in the whole wide world to be is in a group hug with GayRomLit folks.
3) GayRomLit folks are into group hugs.
4) There's folks out there as crazy about Adam Lambert as I am and they better call me the next time they go to a concert.
5) There are a lot of people in this genre,  writers, readers, and reveiwers, who totally rock.
6) P.D. Singer and I should not be allowed to venture out on our own without a guide. We took a lot of scenic routes.
7) I really shouldn't ingest massive amounts of powdered sugar early in the morning if I hope to be capable of shutting up by noon.
8) True to his promise, the chocolate chip mint drink really did make the bartender look better.
9) A gay romance literature convention is not a good place to score if you're a woman. Especially if you're now considered a regular at three separate gay bars.
10) I love gay bars.
11) The packages in the little baskets at gay bars are not peanuts.
12) The motormouth of the south is incapable of coherent speech within ten feet of Damon Suede. Mom wishes he were our neighbor when I was a kid. I can't come close to his energy level even when OD'd on beignets.
13) I haven't lost my inner fangirl, and can still squee with the best of them, though at my age it's not very pretty.
14) When an author vaults the table at a book signing to squee, "Oh my God, it's ____" at a reader, it has a tendency to frighten the reader.
15) When attending GayRomLit, you'll need to make arrangements beforehand to ship your massive amounts of purchased  books home.
16) Neriah and Pam are fabulous roomates.
17) Michele, Librarian Kate, Aurora, Nikyta, Heather, Amy, Will, Chris, Krys, Blackraven, Jeff, Angela, Laura, Kassa, Jo, Belinda, M.L. .... oh heck, a WHOLE LOT of people I met are unbelievably awesome!
18) D.H. Starr is freaking adorable.
19) John from Texas has his own fan club and I wanna be president of it.
20) Leaving Bourbon Street and returning to Possum Kingdom may be the world's ultimate culture shock. I may need therapy.
21) I can drink more than I thought I could.
22) If you've passed the same landmark three times in a row, it's best to admit you're vodkally challenged and ask for directions.
23) You will see some weird-a--ed sh-- on Bourbon Street.
24) When someone hands you an autograph book, they generaly intend for you to sign the whole page. It's not like a group birthday card when you gotta write real tiny in one corner to allow twenty-some-odd other people to sign.
25) Book readings and jackhammers are not good combinations. Neither are foods fried in a lot of butter and alchoholic beverages.
26) Somewhere out there is a really cute guy named Jason, and I wish I had a brother like Trey. Sis, you are  lucky. But then so is Trey.
27) If I were still a kid I'd wanna grow up to be M.L Rhodes.
28) Angela Benedetti is always always happy. Always.
29) Carry disks of your free reads around at all times when at GayRomLit. You never know when you'll get an opportunity to gain a new reader.
30) Before allowing pictures or videos to be taken after you have a few, it's best to have an agreement in place for the picture taker not to post on YouTube or Facebook.

Tune in next time when I offer photographic evidence of most of the above.


  1. I can attest that this is all true, but that the scenic route has its charms. We found some great stuff that way!

    Squee had better be in the dictionary, because we all said it a lot. People said it to Eden a lot. Including me!

  2. Aww thinks, but I squeed for you too! And yep, the scenic route did have it's charms. Too bad the pirate moved too fast for me to get good pictures, though it may be lucky that the guy in the bra turned before I could take the shot.

  3. No no, the cute guy is Scott. Did I mention he was naked?

    It was so great to meet everyone and you have the most adorable accent. And my brain definitely thinks it can drink more alcohol than my body can actually handle. Yesterday was rough, but the night before was worth the pay-off. :-)

    John was adorable. It was fun to see old friends and make some new ones.

  4. Should have mentioned that was the cute guy "I" found. :-) Not that there weren't a plethora of them.

  5. It was awesome meeting you too, but... what accent? *tries for an innocent look and fails* You're every bit as witty as I thought you'd be based on your work.

    I hear you on the friends things. I fell in friend love with a lot of people this past weekend, and the hotties were icing on the cake of the whole con. Are you going next year?

  6. Ummm. I'm not enamoured with the new location. I asked the gay bartender about it and he just looked at me. It's no New Orleans and I'm trying to figure out the logic behind it. To be honest, half of the motivation to go to this one was the location, and I'm not feeling the love for Albuquerque.

    Also the European folk would love it to be closer to them in the East. Flying to the far corner of the US pretty much puts it out of the reach of anyone from Europe. Miami? New York? (Expensive) DC? I don't know, just seemed like an odd choice to us, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

  7. I hadn't thought of it that way. All I could think about was: "Yay! I get to see all these wonderful folks again!

    Atlanta might be a good venue, don't you think?

  8. I'm having trouble picturing it anyplace other than NOLA!

    It was delightful to meet you! :)

    You didn't find Scott all on your own, Tam. We found him as a group. He was cuddly. :D

    I am amused that my veri word is "sucks"...

  9. I loved meeting the mom of Chaos and Mayhem, and the mastermind behind the Misadventures in Stock Photography! It's so great to put faces to names. I don't think I met Scott, but I did meet a lovely couple who'd been together for twenty-eight years. They are now my Facebook friends.

    I get some hysterical veri words too.

  10. Scott was dancing Saturday night at Lafitte's in Exile. MUCH better dancer than the Thursday guys. :)

  11. OMG! Was he the guy in cowboy hat, boots, and a kilt? It's like someone handed him a list of all my favorite things!

  12. No, he was wearing very tiny boy blue boyshorts....

  13. Hee, I got a pic of him staring out over the railing upstairs. Still loved me that cowboy though, although my favorite guy pic of the whole event is me sandwiched between "John from Texas" and Doug Starr.

  14. I've only seen a couple pictures of me so far - the one I like the most is one Stephani Hecht's sister Jackie took. It's not online yet, though.

  15. I'm still downloading and sorting my pics. I have a POS camera and aging laptop. That doesn't make for the best combination.

  16. Devon just posted some of her pics... Eep.