Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Affaire de Coeur rated The Angel of 13th Street five stars!

The Angel of 13th Street received five stars today from Affaire de Coeur. Their reviewer had this to say:

From the first line, readers' blood will race in step with young Jeremy Kincaid. The story opens with him running from a pack of thugs led by Jeremy's ex‑boyfriend who is determined to force Jeremy into prostitution by any means necessary. Jeremy is the archetype of the romance heroine: orphaned, homeless, proud, fiercely determined, struggling to keep body and soul (and virtue) intact. Noah is the perfect counterpart: heroic, battling inner demons, lonely, loyal, strong, scarred and protective. He literally sweeps the injured youth into his arms and carries him up the stairs to his apartment the night they meet! Reader, flutter your fan here. This is a story that hits every note right. It follows a traditional outline, but is transformed into a gritty contemporary urban love story. It is passionate and doesn't shy away from hard issues.
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