Thursday, October 13, 2011

Top 2 Bottom Reviews showers love and 5 kisses on Galen and the Forest Lord

Lisa at Top 2 Bottom Reviews rated my novella Galen and the Forest Lord five kisses, and had this to say:
Galen and the Forest Lord is a departure for Eden Winters, whose stories are always perfectly angsty, sometimes heartbreaking, always touching. This sweet and funny fantasy will introduce readers to a new side of Eden’s talent. The story is a fast paced, single sitting read that introduces a hero in Lord Erik, who is anything but your run-of-the mill alpha male. He’s charming, handsome, perhaps not the sharpest nail in the box, and a little bit clumsy at times, but entirely appealing, no matter what he says or does.
This was such a fun and entertaining story I can only say I hope Eden will stray this way again from time to time.
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