Sunday, October 27, 2019

New Release! Consorts of the Red King

Six years ago I released a novella through a Goodreads campaign, entitled The Sentinel, the story of a cybernetic supersoldier who breaks free of the commands in his head and learns what love and family are.

The story was well-received, many readers lamenting the lack of science fiction in the MM romance genre, and wanting more. Connell and Stone's story had been told. No more adventures whispered into my ear for them. However, other ideas came to mind, about men existing in the same universe, with the same technology. Rather than speak of cyberships, controlled by a human brain, what would it be like to pilot one?

It's taken years, but the final result has been launched into the world.

Consorts of the Red King features three very different men, pulling together for a common goal: fighting a corrupt government. So many good books include average men bucking the system, how about two mercenaries and a prince?

In deepest space the ruthless Federation lays waste to one rebel colony after another, leaving comrades-in-arms Van Orskey and Tayn Kassik without family, without a home, and without hope.

With nothing left but each other, they run contraband and smuggle fugitives from the safety of their ship, the Cormorant—with the occasional clandestine mission for the rival Coalition thrown in. Their heists have not gone unnoticed, though even the bounty on their heads doesn’t prevent them from being a thorn in the enemy’s side at every opportunity.

Pissing them off? Big mistake.

From the day of his birth Prince Jorvik of Akiak learned duty, wisdom, and honor from his father, leaving him ill-equipped to withstand betrayal by his Federation-puppet uncle. He has no love for the greedy off-worlders who plunder his world’s natural resources and enslave his people. To defeat his foe, he needs the cunning, fearlessness, and touch of treachery only outlaws can offer.

Two off-world mercenaries make unlikely partners in Jorvik’s quest for vengeance, but the more he learns of them, the more common ground he discovers. In each other’s arms they find passion, heat, and maybe, a reason for living—until their common enemy threatens to tear them apart.

To survive, they must take on the corrupt Federation.

And win.

Consorts of the Red King is now available at  and Kindle Unlimited.

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