Friday, November 8, 2019

Who Doesn't Love a Free Bo and Lucky Story?

Diversion readers! Wanna finally meet Bo's family?

In case you missed it, there is a new Bo and Lucky novella out. This is information that falls between books seven and eight, but didn't quite fit in either. The solution? A free story, and gift to readers.

If you're not familiar with Bookfunnel, you might have to create an account that you can delete after, but that is currently the only place you can get a copy of Relation (Diversion 7.1). Normally, the process is that you sign up for a newsletter, using your email address, in order to download the offered book.

In this case, the "give us your email" portion has been turned off. So, simply go to Bookfunnel and get your copy.

Expecting to die while trapped in a Mexican drug tunnel can make a man rethink his life choices.

Bo and Lucky have a home, steady, if dangerous, work, and each other. Maybe even the beginnings of the reconciliation with the Lucklighter clan they promised themselves. The Schollenburgers, though—Bo hasn’t yet opened up that can of worms, near-death experiences or no.

Yet another Thanksgiving approaches with no plans to celebrate with family. Lucky’s willing to wait as long as Bo needs to get up his gumption.

He’s not nearly so patient with the bikers stalking him.

Get your FREE copy here!

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