Saturday, September 8, 2018

Books That Died on the Vine

I'm sure most authors have novels on their hard drive that will never see that light of day, for one reason or another. I have dozens I've started, walked away from, and might go back to, but there are two currently that I have no immediate plans to publish:

Broken Wing - Angel of 13th Street Book Three

This is Lark's tale, a secondary character from the Angel series. Sam is briefly mentioned in the series as Lark's Narcotics Anonymous sponsor, and he was also an orderly at the halfway house Noah took Lark to after Lark jumped from a bridge in what might have been a suicide attempt.

Sam remembered Lark from years before, and hoped to bring the man back to who he used to be.

The story is not a romance, for at the end Lark is still not ready for a relationship, but rather a journey, and a dark one. It has no place in the series. My test audience cringed, and rightly so. At this time I feel there is no way to make this book publishable in my current genre. I put a whole lot of research into this story, which has given me a deepened outlook into addiction.

The Telling Two - Losing Jimmy

As with Lark in Broken Wing, in order to do justice to Ryan's story and his state of mind, the book cannot be a romance. It's dark, and love can't conquer all. To be honest, it's hard to stay in Ryan's head for any length of time as his suicidal state is hard to write. I researched a lot over the six years I agonized and tried my best to get this tale out into the world, but alas, it'll take an author of greater skill than mine to pull this off.

Who knows, maybe one day these novels will appear as a recovering addict and recovering veteran story,

It saddens me that I am letting down fans who've asked to read more about these two, but for the time being, the characters' voices remain silent.

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