Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Summertime Favorites

It's now September, kids are back in school, and though the temperature still pushes 100 some days here, fall is just around the corner.

There's so many things I'll miss about summer.

1) Tubing. One of my favorite things ever in the summer is to spend the day on the river with family and friends, floating along on a tube. In the old days we used actual car tire inner tubes, or even tubes from tractor tires, but now you buy multi-hued plastic things with handles from the store. Same principle, and oh so fun.

2) Watermelon, ice cold and preferably at a picnic.

3) Tomato sandwiches. I'm not a fan of store bought tomatoes, grown in a hot house. They don't have much flavor. However, take two slices of white bread, a slathering of Duke's mayonnaise (only kind of mayonnaise in some Southerner's opinions) and thick slices of heirloom tomatoes and you have yourself a treat.

4) Jumping up and going to work without have to scrape ice, preheat car, watch for black ice, check the weather before leaving house, and bundling up. Although in summer we have to keep potholders in the car to touch the steering wheel at times.

5) Sitting on the dock at the pond, feeding the fish.

6) Being able to get my grandson pretty much anytime, 'cause he's out of school.

7) College is out, get to hang with my stepdaughters and granddaughter.

What are you favorite things about summer? What will you miss the most?

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