Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Upcoming Release Announcement from Rocky Ridge Books

Coming soon: Two Bears and a Baby

Bear-165x244Sawyer and Dillon are back. Eden Winters wrote a mountain full of shifters, and P.D. Singer couldn’t leave them be. Some back and forth, and a new story emerged. All your favorite characters who run the Bear Claw Bar or live on Ballantine Mountain are introduced here, from Sawyer, the Urso, Dillon, the young, untrained bear shifter, to Brad, the fox shifter with a heart of gold and the libido from hell.
With a cast like this, you can bet that not only is their first story explosive, but that they have more adventures coming.
And you may recall Eden’s lovely Southern-flavored romance about possum shifters and small town politics. Too much fun not to stir some Naked Tails into the mix.
Now that story’s almost ready to share. Brace yourselves, because there’s more adventures coming on Ballantine Mountain.

A bear walked into a bar—and found a family.
The Urso of Ballantine Mountain intended to run a ragtag bunch of shifters out of his territory. Instead, Sawyer Ballantine found his mate. Once the lone bear on the mountain, now Sawyer shares his life and bed with Dillon, who’s still learning how to be a proper bear. Sawyer tells the stories of the First Bears, from whom all other bear shifters descended, but how did two male bears become the fathers of many?
The varied shifters of Ballantine Mountain coexist peacefully—Sawyer manages them with an iron paw. Yet danger lurks. The wolves have plans of their own, and they don’t include taking orders from bears.
Two bears, seven wolves, no contest.
If Dillon didn’t heave every time he smells bacon.
Two Bears and a Baby follows on from A Bear Walks Into a Bar but can be read as a standalone.
This short novel contains randy bears, rogue wolves, a bitey fox shifter, and a certain amount of morning sickness.
Coming soon!

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