Thursday, May 25, 2017

Love Action/Adventure, M/M Romance, and a Fantastic Bargain?

Eight works from some of your favorite authors, all the suspense and  adventure you could want. And did I mention sexy hotness? All for the bargain price of .99 cents!

That's right, less than a dollar for some great summertime reading.

Burning Rubbers: Gritty MM Romantic Suspense

An Eight Book Box Set


Life gets interesting for friends - or enemies - who rise to the occasion and find that their feelings for the other guy are... complicated. Burning Rubbers delivers delicious suspense and dangerous romance. Guns are blazing, enemies are scheming, and both cars and lives spin out of control – and our intrepid heroes still fall for each other:
Table of Contents
1. "Flux" by Olivette Devaux
2. "Diversion" by Eden Winters
3. "Being Here : an M/M Novel" by Ada O'Flaherty & J Roxem
4. "Uniform Speed" by Devyn Morgan
5. "Treading Water" by Kate Pavelle
6. "What Happened Then : an M/M novel" by Ada O'Flaherty & J Roxem
7. "Spokes" by P.D. Singer
8. "Body Heat" by Devyn Morgan
Thank you for your support as you savor this great summer reads deal, and don’t forget to check out the authors' other works! 
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