Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Kaleidoscope Trust - Guest Post by Ijeoma.

What if it were illegal to be you? What if blue eyes, a bald head, or being over 5'10" were reasons for ridicule or possible arrest. That's the question asked by The Kaleidoscope Trust. 

Today I yield the floor to my guest Ijeoma, who'll tell us a bit about The Kaleidoscope Trust and their mission of equality. Also included is a link to a very stirring article by John Barrowman, star of Torchwood. 

What if it was Illegal to be You?

Imagine if it were illegal for you to be you. It should never be a crime to be gay, but in 78 countries it is and in five of these countries the maximum penalty is death.

We are asking people to imagine how they would feel if it were illegal for them to be themselves. How would you feel if you were persecuted or attacked for things you can do nothing about like having blue eyes or being tall, or being left handed? We all know people are not imprisoned for being left handed, so why should they be imprisoned for being gay,lesbian, bisexual or transgender?

For many people all over the world today that is precisely what happens and they are imprisoned, harassed, abused, and discriminated against because they happen to be gay. This is the everyday reality of their lives.

But we want to change that. We are an international charity based in the UK and we believe that all people should be able to enjoy their lives free from discrimination, harassment or persecution. We are working with LGBT people in many different countries where it is still a crime to be gay and we need everyone to support our work in any way they can. Please visit our website, sign up for our bulletin and follow our work and give your support to the many people who are persecuted in their countries simply for being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

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