Monday, June 25, 2012

More Coming Soon!

I've already posted about The Wish on Dreamspinner's Coming Soon page, but there's a companion short story, Valentine Wish, that stars two minor characters from the novel. Today I received the email that said it, too, is posted as coming soon. And the best part for readers? It's a free Nap Sized Dream!

Look for The Wish, and Valentine Wish, on July 20. (Both are re-releases, and have been re-edited and polished)

Isaac Lewis left the gangs behind to remake himself. He’s a street fighter turned gym rat, a thug turned honest man—only his loneliness hasn’t changed.

Success as a restaurateur hasn't erased Thierry Guillaume’s insecurities. Well-padded in a world where looks matter, he’s been grasping at crumbs of affection. Can Isaac convince him he deserves the whole cake?

Find it here:

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