Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday Snark!

Today's episode of Saturday Snark is from Highway Man. Killian Desmond likes to be in control -- the man he dubs "Tex" sees no problem with that.
“Mind if I drive?” Killy asked. He’d come a long way in three years, but still couldn’t handle someone else’s driving.
“Gonna kidnap me, haul me off somewhere, and have your way with me? No need for all that; I’m willing.” Dimples framed Tex's devilish grin.
“Nope, I just prefer to do the driving.”
“Then I reckon you’ll have to make it up to me, that not-kidnapping thing, ’cause let me tell ya, ever since you walked into the bar I’ve been fantasizing. And oh hell yeah, you can do the driving. Now and later.”
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  1. There's some great last lines in today's snark offerings. - This is another one!

  2. Cute, Eden! They're adorable together.

  3. These two do sound like a hoot. (When I saw the title, I at first thought of actual historical highwaymen . . . whom I'd never thought of as inclined to be snarky. *g*)

  4. Thanks, ya'll! K.Z., Killy was in a band and their song "Highway" is a key element to the story -- thus the name. The song pretty much sums up his life.

  5. Thanks. I does have its dark moments, though.