Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Review That Made Me Cry.... in a Good Way

I am a huge fan of Tom's at A Bear on Books, and was honored to discover that he planned to review The Angel of Thirteenth Street. He posted that review tonight, and I cried, not only for his kind words, but how beautifully this man writes. Here's some of what Tom had to say:
"This book was one of those amazing perfect storms that doesn't happen very often.  The characters are so sharply drawn, but disturbingly human and shaded and nuanced, the storyline engaging and relevant without pretense, the dialogue crisp, and the romance heartbreakingly painful and bittersweet.  I was drawn in and grabbed from the first page, and was unable to put this book down until I had devoured it whole.
"God, I loved this book.  I read it through twice just to savor what it tastes like and feels like and smells like when a master prepares a feast for me. "

Visit A Bear on Books to read complete review here:


  1. Okay, now I've got to go buy the book! I love you Eden! Congrats on the great review.

  2. What a lovely review, Eden. And so very true! It was a fabulous story.

    I'd get all choked up over that too. :-)

  3. Thanks, L.C.! I'm glad you enjoyed Noah and Jeremy's story. Some say that writers shouldn't read reviews of their work, but I've learned so much by doing so. And then there's reviews like this that just darned make you feel good. Sigh.