Saturday, July 30, 2011

Galen has a Cover!

The novella is written, it's in edits. The blurb and marketing materials are underway. Next, that all important moment arrived that should come with its own built-in drum roll: an email appeared that said, "Cover Image." I tore through the email itself, whipping out a reply, held my breath, and clicked the attachment. There, in living color, was the image that will grace the cover of my latest creation. I squeed. And perhaps woke the neighbors. (Kinda hard to do when nearest house is 1/4 mile away, but hey, you never know.)

I'll post the blurb once it's available, but I'll tell you now that I've been mixing genres again. This novella, at approximately 30,000 words, is M/M, humorous/fantasy/shifter. Look for it September 10 as an Absinthe title from Torquere Books.

Ya'll, I give you the cover of Galen and the Forest Lord.