Monday, August 1, 2011

The Angel of 13th Street 2 - Fallen Angel

About a month into the draft for The Angel of 13th Street 2 I realized I had too much story, so the book split in half. I'm introducing a new character that Noah and Jeremy take under their wing and, well, he kinda has his own story to tell. Fallen Angel, the first sequel, is about Noah and Jeremy and how their relationship evolves.

Broken Wing will tell the story of Lark, and moves parallel in time to Fallen Angel. If you've read the Angel of 13th Street, then you met Lark the night Noah braved Ramsey Street in search of Billy. Lark approached, offering to end Noah's loneliness.

Well, I hadn't expected it to happen so soon, but tonight I completed the rough draft for Fallen Angel. I still have a lot of work to do but, at 61,000 words the plot is laid in. Now to flesh out the story some. Expect to see Doc, Mary, and Kevin back again, tending bar and providing Noah with an acquired family. My hopes are to get this polished up and submitted to my publisher by the end of September. Then I'll put the finishing touches on this year's Christmas Single Shot, a holiday tale about Otis and Garret from The Match Before Christmas.

So many words, so little time.


  1. Oh! That is very exciting news! :D

  2. I was shocked when I reached the end and realized, "I'm done!" Now to polish it up and hope it survives the beta test!