Friday, July 29, 2011

Free Short M/M Story

I entered a flash fiction contest on the Torquere Social page using the prompt words: chipmunk, clipboard, and squash. The words counts were to be between 150-250 words. Coming in at exactly 250 words, by my count, here's what I came up with:

It all started with a chubby-cheeked little woodland creature. One with a taste for non-GMO, organically-grown, pesticide-free vegetables.

A panel of guest judges jotted notes, their faces mostly hidden by clipboards. Jason and his teammates stood nearby, heads hung in shame. The campus' "new-age, tree-hugging" contingent had tried and failed to prove to their meat eating brethren that not only could vegetables be grown without chemicals, they were better off that way.

That pesky rodent just had to feast the day of the final evaluation! Jason envisioned a large, red "fail" stamped across his agriculture project report. Then, a brown and black head peeked from beneath a rather large crookneck squash, belching loudly. What?! Oh HELL no!

Jason dove for the freshly tilled soil, rethinking his stance on the ethical treatment of animals. Instead of a chipmunk, however, his hands closed on a cruelty-free, non-leather loafer. His teammates groaned.

He gazed up into eyes the color of the cornflowers blossoming in the next row and, like Alice down the rabbit hole, he fell -- hard. Those blue eyes crinkled at the corners when the handsome man smiled.

"Hi," tall, dark, and earth-friendly said. "I'm with Environmental Times, and want to compliment your efforts at organic farming."

"But… but… a stupid chipmunk ate the squash!"

 The man's soft smile widened. "He was hungry, so am I. Have dinner with me?"

The next year Jason and his new husband planted a macrobiotic garden, and didn't mind a bit sharing with "the neighbors."

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