Thursday, January 4, 2024


 For a limited time, the price of Warrior King had dropped from $5.99 to .99 cents on Amazon US and £0.99 on Amazon UK. This is a limited-time offer, so get your copy soon!

One man is the son of a traitor. The other is the son of a tyrannical emperor. Together, they discover the fine line between duty and justice.

Commander Draylon Aravaid doesn't hide his lineage as the emperor's son but doesn't advertise his origins either. Loyal to a fault, he relies on his hard-won reputation rather than his family name, which his duplicitous father uses to full advantage.

Prince Yarif DiRici trained his entire life to become a consort in a political marriage--all while secretly yearning for love. The death of his father and older brother suddenly thrusts an unwanted crown upon his head, and Yarif into a whirlwind of dangerous plans within plans as he and Draylon are forced into marriage.

The political game is set, and Yarif is kidnapped. It's up to Draylon to mount a daring rescue to prevent all-out war.

The two men must get past each other's mistrust, find common ground, and defeat an enemy neither knew they had...and may not survive!

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