Friday, December 8, 2023

New Christmas Novella

For a while there, I worried that feel-good holiday romance Must Love Dogs wouldn't be ready for release this month. I'm proud to announce that it's now up for preorder at Amazon, releasing December 16. 

I think I should warn you, though, that this novella is different from my usual work. No one gets arrested or killed, there are no evil mages, and there's no angst. Nada. Zip. Not even a little. What's there is a lot of fluff and cute dogs. 

Does a good deed outweigh a white lie?

With his family away this holiday season, Nathan Johnson faces his very first Christmas alone in a new city. Unexpectedly taking in the neighbor’s dog leads to a series of white lies, all designed to set his sister’s mind at ease. After all, Nathan really is spending the holidays with a stunning ginger named Oscar. He simply leaves out the part about Oscar being a dachshund.

Who knew Oscar would play furry little matchmaker and introduce Nathan to a gorgeous veterinarian who just might make Nathan’s dreams come true?

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