Friday, April 2, 2021

A New Release - One More Time

 It's been a while since I released a contemporary novella, and a second-chance at love one at that. The idea has been kicking around in my brain for a few months now, and finally made it to the page. 

What if life gave you an unexpected opportunity to reconnect with someone you loved, still loved, but thought gone forever? 

Running. Always running. From a crappy childhood, horrible parents, and the idea that I’ll never amount to anything. Nothing fills the void in my soul. Every new accomplishment falls short. Always one more goal, one more win, just to feel complete. Welcome to the never-ending lie of my reality.

Now I must watch the latest big chance slip through my fingers, thanks to a snowstorm standing between me and the high-paying job that might finally make me feel worthy. Snowed in at the airport, I come face to face with my biggest regret.

Quinn, the man I loved for ten years. The man I still love. The man I unceremoniously threw away. Seeing Quinn drives home all that I willingly, and emptily, sacrificed.

Perhaps, in my search for belonging, I’ll see a chance to stop grasping at an elusive future, and instead embrace an unexpected second chance in the present.

Curl up with this gay romance by the award-winning Eden Winters if your soul yearns for hope, new beginnings, and a satisfying happy ending.

One more time is now available for preorder at Amazon, releasing April 16, and will be offered on KU. 

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