Monday, July 22, 2019

What I've Been Reading: All Souls Near and Nigh (Soulbound #2) by Hailey Turner

Not too long ago I discovered a book on Audible called A Ferry of Bones and Gold by Hailey Turner, and entered a world so different, yet so close to our own.

Vampires, weres, gods, and demons all live among humans, with their own hierarchies, their own agendas, and their own brand of law enforcement, the Supernatural Operations Agency. 

Special Agent Patrick Collins as been through the wringer: a traumatic childhood, raised without love and support, and with a damaged soul. He practiced magic in the mage corp, a supernatural division of the military, until an accident saps his abilities.

He's recovering, getting his feet under him, and trying to find his way in a world suddenly changed for him. Patrick is a complex character, hard to get to know, but worth the effort. An assignment to New York City introduces him to some interesting characters, some who make his life better, others who make it worse.

I gave a review on A Ferry of Bones and Gold a few weeks ago, and couldn't wait to read the second one. All Souls Near and Nigh picks up where the first book left off. In fact, at the end of book 2, only two months have passed since the beginning of the first story.

What impressed me most in this book was love interest Jono, who's really stepping into his role as an alpha godpack werewolf. He's not a part of the NYC godpack, and is in the city at the graces of the pack. He's promised not to create a pack with anyone under their protection, however, he starts finding those not under the pack's protection who need him.

My favorite of the newcomers is a dragon fledgling names Wade, a sulky teenager with an endless capacity for junk food. Sage is back from the last book, and she too shines. While the relationship between Patrick and Jono definitely grows in this installment, Jono shows tremendous personal growth.

I'd hoped he'd challenge the incompetent alpha of the current regime, but that didn't happen yet.

There is some cruelty here, and some disturbing scenes, but this is a book of paranormal creatures who are one step away from full out war.

There is so much going on here, keeping the reader turning the page, or in my case, listening to an audiobook. By the way, excellent narrator.

The story is riveting, well told, so engrossing I couldn't put it down. I really wish the next one was coming out soon, because I'm hooked on this series.

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