Monday, July 29, 2019

Fan Art

A dear reader loved the Diversion series, and created fan art to post to Twitter. Oh, my God! Fan art! And such squee-worthy fan art too!

I love it so much that I contacted them and worked out a deal to use the image for swag and promotion. It's a scene straight from the first book, Diversion 1, and is a fitting representation of Bo and Lucky's relationship.

The art is by super talented artist Ayu Yamane.

Isn't it amazing? And sssooooooo Lucky and Bo!

If you're attending GRL this year, be sure to stop by, see me, and get your Bo and Lucky swag!

Click here to see the artist's other awesome works!


  1. Whee! Congrats! That is completely awesome! :D


    1. Thank you! I am so thrilled! I'm making postcards from this for GRL.