Saturday, May 11, 2019

What I'm Reading: Bone to Pick by T.A. Moore

Although I don't personally know T.A. Moore (I think we might have met briefly at a convention once), she has crafted a book that could have been taken from my perfect book wish list: Bone to Pick

Well written? Check
Well researched? Check
Gritty story? Check
Lots of action? Check
Complex characters? Check
Moments of comedy mixed in to ease the "twisting the knife*" factor? Check
Great secondary characters? Check
Character with average looks and not an Adonis? Check (non-GQ models need love too).
Realism? Check
Case wrapped up in a way that didn't require whiskey therapy? Check
Great, understandable tension between two main characters? Check, check, check

Bourneville the dog was pure bonus.

While I like romance, it's not a necessity to a story for my enjoyment. Not every relationship starts with hearts and flowers. That the two men care about each other is enough for me. I'm hoping that aspect continues into the next book, and grows there.

In that way this book reminds me of the Adrien English series by Josh Lanyon. Fantastic story, lots of believable action, and two protagonists who have their own issues to deal with before they can grow close. (Hmmm... Did I read the last book in the series? I can't remember how that all worked out *runs to check* Nope. Gotta get on that.)

Anyway, I digress. Sorry. Those who know me know to expect that. Oh! Squirrel! Bone to Pick is packed with action and I may have alienated my family while listening to this audio book.

Family outing: me in headphones.
Anyone trying to speak to me at home: me in headphones.
In my car: story playing through speakers.
Any moment I could get, no matter how brief:: me in headphones.

Sadly, I don't have time to read, so rely on audio books to get my fiction fix. Does anyone know when the second installment is due to hit Audible? Despite my recent bad behavior by devoting every waking moment to listening to this book, my loving family still gave me Audible credits for Mother's Day.

Highly recommended. I'd never read anything by Moore two months ago, now I'm a huge fan.

If your reading wish list resembles mine, read this book.  Loved it, loved it, loved it.

*Twisting the knife factor: When the angst begins and escalates on every page, twisting the knife tighter and tighter without a single moment of relief.

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