Saturday, May 4, 2019

Sub Titles

I was setting up a Novels page here on the blog and got a bit tired of the normal, "This book is available from Rocky Ridge Books." Subtitles came to mind for each one:

 Corruption is available from Rocky Ridge Books. Bo. As a biker. In assless chaps. Need I say more?

Manipulation from Rocky Ridge Books because Lucky doesn't have enough problems already, ammirite?

Redemption is available from Rocky Ridge Books. See Lucky's soft side. Okay, soft-er. Lucky doesn't do soft. 

Check out Reunion from Rocky Ridge Books.  You can't go home again ('cause the family is still there, and well...)

Suspicion is available from Rocky Ridge Books.  Lucky's teaming up with who?!?!?!?

Diversion Box Set Vol 1. This compilation is available at No lie: while writing this series I was channeling Lucky so hard I got a raise at my day job. 

Settling the Score is available from Rocky Ridge Books, 'cause getting even stories are such a guilty pleasure. 

The Telling is available from Rocky Ridge Books. The book that started it all. And scored a nice chunk of change for my local PFLAG chapter. 

Find The Angel of 13th Street at Rocky Ridge Books.  He's not rich, doesn't own a hot car or ritzy apartment, but he's out there fighting the good fight. 

Find Fallen Angel at Rocky Ridge Books. Because sometime the strongest of souls need a little help. 

 A Bear Walks Into a Bar is offered by Rocky Ridge Books. Not your mama's shifter story. Woof!

 Find Two Bears and a Baby at Rocky Ridge Books.  Ain't it great seeing a big, gruff, alpha type wrapped around a sweet little baby's finger? 

Ballantine Bears Box Set: Now available at Rocky Ridge Books, 'cause two books are better than one.

Find The Wish at Dreamspinner Press.  You know that one family member that just has to meddle? I mean, really likes to meddle? 

Duet is offered by Dreamspinner Press. Hot highlander in a kilt (mic drop).

Naked Tails: Get your possum shifters at Dreamspinner Press. Because doesn't everyone need possum shifters in their life? 

A Matter of When: Find hot rockers at Dreamspinner Press, because "Hot opera tenor" just doesn't have the same ring to it. 

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