Tuesday, November 13, 2018

What's in a Word - Spoken vs Written

I've only started into the wonderful world of audio books, having just released Diversion (Diversion Book 1) on audio, along with short story Highway Man. Both were performed by the talented Darcy Stark.

Next up? Collusion (Diversion 2) releasing later this month in audio, and Suspicion (Diversion 7) soon to release in e-book and print.

Audio gives a new twist to points of view and verbiage, as different people pronounce words and names differently, and readers seem to cultivate images in their heads of the characters in books, including what their voices sound like.

Also, tags and beats become extremely important. In print or e-books there are paragraphs to guide readers and help them keep up during conversations. Not so in audio. A skilled narrator can navigate the pitfalls, but occasionally when listening to a book, I can't keep up.

So, since launching audio-books into the world I've learned to be much more careful in writing, bearing in mind what it will sound like when someone reads.

And that not everyone can grasp the subtle nuances of the accent and southernisms I swear I don't have.

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