Friday, November 16, 2018

Being Recognized

I've been writing and publishing for about ten years now (OMG! Has it been that long!) and have attended quite a few author events and other venues where I am Eden the Author. Recently I've discovered the totally new experience of being recognized as Eden the Author in my everyday life.

It's kind of a shock the first few times someone approaches you, having discovered your work online and figuring out, "I know her!" because unless I'm in writer mode, I'm totally not expecting a conversation about books, or being able to relax a little bit and show more of who I am.

But what's really awesome is when the person opens up about liking "a variety of genres" which usually means they're open-minded about what they read. That's good, because I'm very opened minded about what I write. And read. And, just, in general.

On another level, it's a little taste of GRL, bonding with someone who enjoys the same books I do. And while this latest conversation caught me off guard, having taken place at work, it left me smiling and with a spark of connection with the coworker.

There's nothing as wonderful as having someone say, text, email, or Facebook you "I liked your book."

Without readers there'd be no need to write and I'd theoretically have all kinds of time on my hands I wouldn't know what to do with.

I'd probably get into trouble.

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