Sunday, August 19, 2018


If you've read the newer installments of the Diversion series, you'll have met a character, and perfect foil for Lucky, named Moose.

Lucky brings home the rescue dog to help with Bo's recovery in Redemption, and they wind up adopting him, adding him to their growing family of Bo, Lucky, and Cat Lucky, a tuxedo kitty who latched onto Lucky in Collusion.

Moose, and many of his antics, are based on the real-life Toby, my family's very own Great Pyrenees, and the seventh animal of this breed to wander into my life.

Like Lucky reminisces, the Mooses I've known have all been guardian animals, keeping goats, chickens, and other animals safe from wolves, coyotes, and neighbors' dogs. They're a wonderful breed, if a bit large, but gentle and sweet. In fact, they have a tendency to make great livestock baby sitters.

During the first week of life, baby goats are kept hidden while mama goat grazes, but starting about the second week, and until the youngster joins the herd, well, see for yourself.

Toby and baby Opal

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