Sunday, April 22, 2018

What I'm Reading: Megan Derr

Although I'm busy writing my own novels, I'm still the same avid reader I always was, only, I get most of my stories via audiobook these days, due to an otherwise mind-numbing commute.

Because I love fantasy, I recently discovered an author who'd somehow managed to stay off my radar for years: Megan Derr. I've read several works my Megan lately, which I hope to talk about soon.

Devouring books like I do, it's hard to find something totally unique these days, but yet I did, in Dancing With the Devil (Dancing with the Devil #1)

I have a new favorite couple: Chris White and Sable Brennus. It's amazing how these two play off each other, each having a personality you'd likely want to attribute to the other. They are so perfect together.

Demon lord Sable is so calm, easygoing, and spoils Chris rotten, totally smitten from their first meeting, from the first time he called Chris "Beautiful". Despite his rags to riches story line, Chris remains...well...Chris, cynical, snarky, and willing to tell the city's most powerful man to shut up. However, he deeply loves Sable, and I really love how the author was able to keep him in character even as he gave his heart.

The story is oddly told, in a series of cases, as Chris is a private investigator in a paranormal world. Though he tries to come across as hardened and sarcastic, Chris can't help being softhearted toward those in need. Through these cases, we meet an amazing cast of characters, from spoiled rich girl Phil (love the pet pixie!), to Doug, an imp who captured my heart, to sorcerers, witches, ghost dads, goblins, and many more. At first the way the cases were laid out threw me, because one might be in their present day, then the next from years ago, but as I absorbed the story, I was impressed by the creativity, as I am with all Megan Derr stories. The end result is that, now finally having the whole series of events, I'm going to listen to this book again with the full knowledge of how the relationships end up. Yes, sigh. Doug got his happy too. I'd hoped for Phil to find someone, but don't think anyone could adore her as much as the pixie she saves and takes home.

I enjoyed this work as an audio book, and the narrator did a perfect job of capturing the characters, Sable, Chris, and Doug in particular.

It seems the next installment stars different characters, and that's cool, but here's hoping for another glimpse of the Dance With the Devil #1 gang.

I must admit to listening multiple times to chapters two and ten, for the lovely romantic development between the two main love interests. Sable. Sigh. Though he calls Chris "Beloved", I don't recall him saying, "I love you." He doesn't have to. It's abundantly apparent. 

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