Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year 2017!

Has another year gone by already? Wow! Where does the time go? It's been an eventful year. Writing-wise, there's been A Bear Walks Into a Bar (which won a Rainbow Award Honorable Mention), and the re-release of The Angel of 13th Street.

Personally? I became engaged, and next week will stand before family and friends (in full Star Wars regalia!) and take the huge step of joining my life with another's. Yes, the romance writer found romance. Who'da thunk it?

On a professional note, The Angel of 13th Street II, Fallen Angel Second Edition is in formatting for release, and a third, never before seen side story is in edits: Broken Wing, featuring minor characters from Fallen Angel, with Noah and Jeremy providing backup.

Also, Diversion XI, Reunion, is in the critiquing and betaing process. I'd hoped to have it ready by January, but Lucky won't be rushed. (And what was I thinking, planning a wedding so close to Christmas?!"

Along the way in 2016 I've met some new friends, hung out with old friends, and have the distinct honor of having several people I've met through my writing join me in celebrating my wedding and starting a new chapter in my life.

So, goodbye, 2016, and welcome, 2017. Let's be kind to each other, okay?


  1. Congratulations, wishing you well for your nuptials & may the force be with you both!

  2. Congrats! Marriage is pretty awesome. :D

    Diversion XI?? Holy sheep, I didn't think I was that far behind in the series! Unless you have a bunch queued up to be published, like Kris Rusch did with the Anniversary Day books...? O_O

    At any rate, it sounds like you've been incredibly busy/productive, so congrats for that too! :D