Friday, September 12, 2014

A Matter of When Character Introductions - Jake

The minutes are ticking down, and A Matter of When will release on Monday, September 15, from Dreamspinner Press.

Today I'll introduce the final member of the band that lead singer and protagonist Henri Lafontaine puts together to revamp his flagging career.

Bassist Jake Steadman is the senior member of the group. In his forties, he's passed by for younger, hotter musicians. But Henri was a huge fan, and jumps at the chance to have Jake's talent and experience as part of his new endeavor. Jake is equally eager to play again after his last group disbanded, and has a teenaged daughter who loves Henri's music.

Henri likens Jake to a young Keith Richards. And while Tessa, Colton, and Michael are new to the public eye, Jake's "been there, done that" attitude keeps the younger band mates grounded.

Stay tuned! Over the weekend I'll introduce lead protagonists Henri Lafontaine and Sebastian Under.

Now I'll leave you with a tribute to some of rock's greatest bass players. If you're seeing this on Goodreads or Amazon, you may need to track back to my site to view the embedded video.

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A Matter of When, releasing September 15 from Dreamspinner Press.

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