Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Heartfelt Apology to Fans of the Diversion Series

I'd just like to take a moment to apologize to the fans of the Diversion series for the delay in the fourth installment, Manipulation.

As you can imagine, with each book Bo and Lucky dig deeper into their cases, and as such, Manipulation required a lot of research. A LOT of research. Everything from the DEA scheduling of hydrocodone products to what a dead body looks like after six months, kept in X circumstances.

And some of that info can't be readily gleaned from the Internet.

Thank goodness that pal Silvia Violet suggested I attend the Writer's Police Academy in Greensboro, NC. Not only did I gain valuable insight for my books, I also have tons of resources now, like a real live forensics expert who asks a lot of questions then tells me about dead bodies. (I'll explain more about the Writer's Police Academy later.)

But rest assured, the manuscript for Manipulation is now complete and being beta read one more time before it's sent off to my editor. I hope to have a lovely new cover to show soon.



  1. We'll be patient... but could you post a picture of Diversion so we can lick our computer screens... um, I mean focus and concentrate on... fuk it you know I want my Lucky. But for now I'll take my HOT rockers Henri & Seb... purrrrrr.... Hugs, Z.

  2. I really should have posted pics of the boys, shouldn't I have? Yes, I want this book to be right, down to the smallest detail. Hopefully, I've about got it.

  3. We are happy to wait until you are happy with the story you need to tell. I LOVE the amount of research you've done with the series. Well worth the wait - whatever it is! And can't wait to see you at GRL :)


    1. Awww....thanks. And hugs. I'm hoping the extra time will be worth it for readers. But Bo and Lucky will make another appearance in the world soon, I promise!