Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Diversion Giveaway

The lovely Chris at Stumbling Over Chaos is hosting a giveaway for an ebook copy of Diversion, 2nd Edition, to be awarded after the story publish date of July 4. Just leave a comment on the post, saying you'd like to enter, and when the contest is over, Chris will pick a winner.

And while you're there, be sure to check out the Linkety, Misadventures in Stock Photography, and other fun features. Oh, and don't forget to admire Chaos and Mayhem, the two site kitties.

Enter here.


There are good guys, bad guys, and then there’s Lucky.

Former drug trafficker Richmond “Lucky” Lucklighter flaunts his past like a badge of honor. He speaks his mind, doesn’t play nice, and flirts with disaster while working off his sentence with the Southeastern Narcotics Bureau. If he can keep out of trouble a while longer he’ll be a free man–after he trains his replacement.

Textbook-quoting, by the book Bo Schollenberger is everything Lucky isn’t. Lucky slurps coffee, Bo lives caffeine free. Lucky worships bacon, Bo eats tofu. Lucky trusts no one, Bo calls suspects by first name. Yet when the chips are down on their shared case of breaking up a drug diversion ring, they may have more in common than they believe.

Two men. Close quarters. Friction results in heat. But Lucky scoffs at partnerships, no matter how thrilling the roller-coaster. Bo has two months to break down Lucky’s defenses… and seconds are ticking by.