Sunday, June 22, 2014

Announcement for the Diversion Series

Those of you who are familiar with the Diversion series may know that the first installment, Diversion, is currently out of print. The story hasn't changed, but I've polished it a bit with all I've learned over the past three years since I wrote it, and plan to release the second edition on July 4th with Rocky Ridge Books. The old cover belongs to the former publisher, so Diversion will have a whole new look soon, which will reflect in the other installments. The book was originally intended as a stand-alone, but now it's grown into a series. I wanted something distinctive to represent the story, and preferred to show the characters.

Well, stock photos are limited, and many of the images are used again and again and again. Just check out Stumbling Over Chaos's regular feature, "Misadventures in Stock Photography." What could I do to ensure the "Lucky" I chose was as unique as the character himself?

When you need advice, who do you go to? Friends, of course! I have a dear friend who is as smoothly Southern as Lucky Lucklighter, and he agreed to be my Lucky. And those of you near the upstate of South Carolina, you might have to drop in and visit him, and get your hair done! In RL, he's a stylist extraordinaire. Interested? E-mail me privately and I can give you details.

Books two and three, Collusion and Corruption, are currently available, with book four, Manipulation, due out this fall.

Anyway, y'all, I'd like you to meet my friend Clay, aka, Lucky Lucklighter, one of the main characters of the Diversion series.

This lovely cover was created by the talented. L.C. Chase.

Diversion 2nd Edition is scheduled to release Friday, July 4th.


  1. That's awesome, and I'm incredibly envious. :D


    1. Because it's so much better than any of MY book covers...? [wry smile] Heck, just having a photo of a guy on your cover who's only on your cover is enough to get you envied by 99% of the other m/m writers out there. :)