Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Real Story Safe Sex Project

Recently I read (another) post on how condom use in M/M romance is unrealistic. I've even heard that it's a "woman thing."

Sadly, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases ARE realistic. From the mind of Lambda Award winning novelist Brent Hartinger sprang The Real Story Safe Sex Project,  "a new way to encourage safe sex among gay and bi male teenagers and twentysomethings."

So far there are three stories posted, with many more authors furiously typing as we speak. The stories range from heartrendingly tragic to hysterically funny, all with a common theme of safe sex.

My own story is currently being betaed and will soon join the lineup: Coffee Shops and Condoms. Two teenage boys, an unlimited supply of condoms, and lots of time on their hands. What could possibly go wrong? The stunningly talented Allison Cassatta created the cover for me.

Click here to check out fellow contributor Zoe Lynne's post. She wrote the wonderful YA story Just Like You, the tale of a young man faced with telling his boyfriend that he was born with HIV. Such a gorgeous story. 

And also check out Brent Hartinger's Two Thousand Pounds Per Square Inch, an amazingly written story that I couldn't put down.

I'm adding the other stories to my TBR list. Won't you do the same? 

If you'd like to contribute your own stories, videos, etc., to the project, contact information is on Brent's page. 


  1. I can't wait to read these stories! Hugs, Z.

    1. They're incredible reads, by incredible authors. And free! What's not to love? But seriously, they deliver a very powerful message without being preachy.