Monday, October 14, 2013

My Tribe Awaits...

Just one more day and I'll leave for GayRomLit in Atlanta. Some folks who'll be attending I know well, others I've chatted with online, and for more this will be an introduction. Yet, this I know with certainty: I'll feel right at home.

There's much to be said for talking openly about books, to have your audience enthusiastically joining the coversation, as apposed to the glazed eyes and vacant stares I may get in other venues. A common bond draws us all to one place--a love of M/M romance.

For six glorious days I can totally be myself, without worrying about what people might say or think, because they're breathing the same sigh of releif that I am. We'll dance, laugh, dance some more, laugh some more, share meaningful book insights, and talk plots, characters, and hot covers. And men. In love.

Next Sunday will be bittersweet, as I leave my tribe to go back out into the world, on a mission to promote acceptance, one softened heart at a time. I'll take with me memories of friends, new and old, comforted in the knowledge that, though I may not see them often, I'm not alone.

If you're attending, I look forward to seeing you there. If you can't make it this year, hugs. Maybe we'll meet up soon at another get together.