Thursday, July 25, 2013

Plagiarism Update

It's been a while since the horrible, sinking-gut feeling of seeing someone else's name on my book, and thanks to so many wonderfully supportive folks, I'm learning to deal with what happened. I'd love to be able to tell you that justice prevailed and all is right in the world again, but I cannot.

Despite my having sent three takedown notices, Amazon has not removed The Telling by Micheal J.  Wagner, though they've given me no reasons as to why they've not acted, other than their posted warning that it could take up to three weeks for a response. The other affected books came down quickly. At least the book is listed as unavailable. For now. To me it's a ticking time bomb. 

It seems that on a discussion thread Michael J. Wagner explained his side of how books by other authors wound up with his name on the cover. He blames his ghostwriter. He also says he's contacted all authors involved and explained. No, he hasn't. I've not heard a word from him, and I'd very much like to know if his ghostwriter was also the one who claimed to be his editor and accused ME of stealing The Telling, a book that a loyal following of readers watched me create and revise online, not to mention that my dear, sweet betas never trash anything and have the very first drafted paragraphs on up to the latest revision. 

So the wounds are healing but still there. It appears I'll get no closure on this matter. But make no mistake, Micheal Ritter and Javier (Jay) Ortiz are mine, in The Telling and in Night Watch, the short sequel. 

On a happy note, The Telling by Eden Winters is making money for my local PFLAG group (it hit number 2 for Gay Romance on Amazon!), and readers' responses are prompting me to finally finish the Ryan/Terry sequel. 

I want to thank you all for your support. Good didn't necessarily triumph over evil in this case, but it's not down for the count either. 



  1. They still haven't taken it down?! Boo!

    1. Either I'm not saying the magic words or I'm just not famous enough to get their attention. The other books had the weight of a publisher behind them, mine did not. That might make a difference to them--but not to me. It's my book, not his. 'Nuff said.

  2. Ok not I really don't get it...WTF? He has a ghost writer? I just don't even understand that, is that the same as 'sorry, I'm to lazy to steal your book on my own so I'm going to have someone else do it for me?'. Wow! I really need someone to explain that to me because my brain is spinning.

    As far as Amazon not removing your book it just goes to show what I've always suspected Amazon sucks. This is an epic fail on their part, if they could remove the other titles they can remove The Telling, end of story. You should and do matter as much as any other author on their site and if they don't see this it's their failing not yours.

    And on a happy note for me too, I'm glad that The Telling is doing so well especially since the proceeds are going to such a wonderful cause and I really look forward to Ryan & Terry's story.

    1. Thanks, Karen! Ryan's story really is overdue. Poor guy.

      There's many things about the plagiarism issue that I don't understand, but this whole experience has taught me a valuable lesson. Story theft can happen to any author.

      I'm forever grateful to those who discovered the issue and let me know, and for everyone who's rallied around me.