Friday, July 19, 2013

Enough Sad News

I've posted very sad news lately, so I think it's time for something a bit more positive, don't you? Although they have been out for a while, I've received some lovely reviews for The Angel of 13th Street, and its sequel, Fallen Angel at Rainbow Book Reviews.

Here's some of what reviewer Lena Gray had to say about The Angel of 13th Street:

'The Angel of 13th Street' is a complex story about an unpleasant, but seriously important issue, one most of us aren't aware of. There are young people out on the streets right now who need our help and we can't ignore them. Knowledge is, indeed, power and leads to change. I'd recommend this story to anyone who wants an honest look at life on the streets and how much these kids need help.

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And for Fallen Angel:

This, like the first story, is not an easy read. The subject of abandoned children, left to suffer and struggle to survive, could never be considered light. This book is a powerful message of love, redemption, closure. It's also a re-affirmation that, even though it's an ongoing battle, the fight for right continues, one child at a time. Although it could be read alone, I don't recommend it. There is too much history in the first story and, without it, your reading experience will be lacking and possibly even confusing. For the best effect, I recommend reading them in sequential order, one closely followed by the next. If you would like to read a story of love hard won, a tale that will give you pause, and make you think, then I'd recommend this book.

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Thank you, Lena Gray, and Rainbow Book Reviews. 

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