Thursday, June 27, 2013

Enter to win a copy of The Prodigal

Right on the heels of the news that The Prodigal made All Romance eBooks' bestseller list, you can now enter to win a copy at Stumbling Over Chaos.

Be sure to check out the Linkety, Misadventures in Stock Photography, and the pictures of the lovely Mayhem and wily Chaos while you're there.

 A side story to The Angel of 13th Street.

Sauntering to a john’s car is a far cry from hauling hay back on the farm, and none of the married men or rancid losers who hire him come close to the love Mark left behind. His father’s angry words still ring in his ears a year after Dad caught Mark kissing Eric. “Get out of my house and don’t come back!” doesn’t leave a guy a lot of choices.

Mark’s lost all he held dear, but the man known as The Angel believes there’s hope. More than anything, Mark wants to go home—but can a runaway rent boy ever truly go home again?