Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Farmer John!

Happy Birthday Farmer John! (aka John from Texas)

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About three years ago I met a wonderful person online through one of my books. We discussed the finer points of the genre, books we both enjoyed, what I had in the pipeline, and soon moved on to smaller things like, "How was your day?" His emails make me smile, and he's been providing me with hot guy pics, movie trailers, and other NSFW materials. That's a true friend, y'all!

One year when I lamented the lack of a big family gathering at Christmas, he volunteered to be my brother. We've gotten to visit with each other twice now, at GayRomLit, and I've discovered that John is every bit as awesome in person (more so, actually) than in emails. Last year I set out to give him his own HEA for his birthday, reposted here. 

Now it's time to post again! Happy Birthday, John! I still intend to give these two a full novel one day, but for now, here's my gift to you:

As this year's story is far more explicit than last year's and this blog cross-posts several places, I'm providing a link to the story in hopes that no one for whom the story is unsuitable will accidentally find it. 

Enjoy the story, and join me in wishing John (to quote Jeremy from Fallen Angel),"The best birthday evah!"


  1. Thanks Eden!! I love you too!


  2. Oh-Em-Gee!!! The Cowboy and the Carny!!! Love it!!! I'm jealous of the Carny.


  3. Glad you fellas enjoyed! Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! And Happy Birthday again, John. Muwhhaaa!!!