Friday, July 20, 2012

"Eden Winters Friday" and The Novel Approach

I just discovered that Lisa at The Novel Approach held an "Eden Winters Friday" today, reviewing both the 2nd edition of The Wish, and the newly re-leased short story, Tinsel and Frost.

Here's a little of what Lisa had to say about The Wish:
So see, where most other books offer only one love story, in The Wish I got two, and while one of those romances got off to a shaky start, it’s how it withstood the journey that counted. I can say with complete honesty that it unfolded beautifully and now that I’ve had a second chance to visit these characters, I’m reminded why they remain among my all time favorites; because their stories touched the sometimes cynical part of me that needs reminding true and forever love does exist.
A now some comments from her review of Tinself and Frost:

 Before a car accident rerouted the direction of his life, before Tony became Tony and he was still Anthony, he was an accomplished ballet dancer and the stage was his world. But as the musical score of his life changed from Tchaikovsky to the pounding rhythms of the strip club where he now dances for tips, Tony learns a valuable lesson: if you give a man a tip, he dances for a day; if you give a man love, he dances for a lifetime.

Read the reviews in their entirety, at The Novel Approach. 


  1. Hey, you may want to know that the link to the review is actually going to youtube and the video is um...well...I'm sure not what you meant to share.

  2. Hee. Thanks for telling me! I do love me some Matt Zarely though!