Friday, July 20, 2012

Book Reviews, Character Interview, and Ebook Giveaway!

Today at the good folks at Mrs. Condit and Friends Read Books are helping me to celebrate the re-release of The Wish, by posting a lovely Five Sweet Peas review and offering an ebook giveaway

Here's some of what she had to say:
I loved this book and recommend it for anyone who likes a romance that has to overcome barriers, ghosts with good intentions that go badly, and sorrow blended with laughter. This is a re-edited edition of the book but it is the same sweet story.
Comment on her post for a chance to win.   

Also, she's posted a review of Valentine Wish (four Sweet Peas), a free short story starring minor characters from The Wish. 

This is a sweet short story with some spicy bedroom sex between the two men and an HEA for both of them. I enjoyed it very much and if you read THE WISH I know you will enjoy this free treat from Eden Winters and Dreamspinner Press.
As an added bonus, there's also a character interview with Byron the Ghost. 

So hurry over to Mrs. Condit's and get in on the drawing!

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