Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Places Part II -- Sanctuary

I'm a big Paul Richmond fan and hope one day to have one of his creations gracing the cover of my book. He's done many gorgeous cover for Dreamspinner Press, and that connection is how I first learned of his work. I joined his newsletter and was priviledged to watch his updates as he created "Sanctuary" a creation that spoke to my heart from the first time I saw it. It depicts a young man in the safe haven he's devised for himself, away from the outside world. This painting became one of my "happy places", and when I'd had a rough day, I could go to Paul's site and see what new he'd added.

Without going into too much detail, an earth-shattering event happened to me five years ago, and I desperately need my own sanctuary in which to recover. A result of that time is that, possession-wise, I started over. Completely. Each dish, each vase, each knick-knack in my home was bought by me, for me (with the odd Christmas gift from family thrown in here and there, but they know, and accept, my eclectic tastes.) Now, visitors to my home often exclaim, "You have the neatest stuff!" Yes, I do, for none of it is accidental, every piece was chosen special, and therefore carries meaning.

Now, I tried to convince myself that I didn't need that print, had nowhere to put it, it wouldn't match, etc. And then I met Paul Richmond in NY. What an amazing, friendly, wonderful man. Upon returning home, I bought a print. I took it to the local Hobby Lobby for framing, and though I was a bit skeptical about the framer's choices, I couldn't have chosen without her help. The results are spectacular, don't you agree?

Here's a link to Paul Richmond's studio, in case you'd like your own "Sanctuary" or any of his other works. 

 If you'd like to know more about this amazing artist, here's a link to his blog. 

The author meets the artist. ( When I sign my emails and books "Hugs, Eden" it's not merely a closing, it's a warning. If you don't back away fast enough, you will be hugged.)

I am now redecorating an entire room to match the print. 

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  1. I'm late! But I still wanted to say that I love Paul's work as well and that's a gorgeous print sweetie! You're lucky to have it gracing your walls :)