Sunday, May 13, 2012

And a big sigh of relief for Fallen Angel

I've been so worried about the reception of Fallen Angel, the sequel to The Angel of 13th Street. Some folks don't like it when their heroes stumble and fall. Well today I read a fantastic review from The Novel Approach. Review Lisa had this to say:
Eden Winters once again delivers an emotional and moving story, a wonderful continuation to Noah and Jeremy’s May/December romance and all the trials they face, returning with some favorite friends who are more like family, and introducing new characters who brought with them their own challenges.
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And yes, Lisa. A third novel is in the works, Broken Wing, featuring Lark and Sam with Noah and Jeremy as secondary characters.


  1. The Goodreads ratings and reviews are mixed. I think folks wanted to shake some sense into hard-headed Noah.

  2. I just finished reading Fallen Angel and loved it. Poor Noah has been through so much in his life and I'm so glad he was finally able to move on and be happy with Jeremy. I really liked Lark, too. Excited to hear there will be a third book about him. :)

  3. Thanks, Lisa! I felt bad being so mean to Noah, but you can only carry the weight of the world on your shoulders for so long before you need to share the burden.