Thursday, July 7, 2011

When Sequels Happen...

There I was, typing away, fingers flying on the keyboard, muse perched on my shoulder asking if I had more beer, and then....WHAM!!!!! I stare in horror as The Angel of 13th Street 2 - Broken Wing squirms and wriggles, and then,  like some weird, single-cell thing-a-ma-bob on a microscope slide at the local junior high school, it splits! I mean, completely in two, right down the middle! I now have two books in progress that cover the same period in time. What was to have been one novel told from four points of view in now two, with two POVs each: Broken Wing steps into position as The Angel of 13th Street 3, and the still squalling newborn Fallen Angel will become The Angel of 13th Street 2, leaving me roughly 26,000 words into each book.

Probably for best, though. Broken Wing is gonna require a whole lot more research. Serves me right for saying, "Outline? I don't need no stinking outline!" Sigh. Perhaps it's time to rethink my writing method.


  1. LOL! Are you a pantster wishing you were a plotter?

  2. Sometimes. But I don't think I can change. Being a pantser has been very, very good to me!