Friday, April 12, 2019

The Cormorant

I've finally finished the menage sci-fi, and since no better title occurred to me while writing, I named it The Cormorant, for their ship.

The characters from The Sentinel were supposed to have cameos, but they wound up hanging around. So Connell and Stone fans, be prepared to see the guys again.

Now blurb time. I always struggle with those. How much of the story is enough, how much too much? What drives readers to want to read, especially menage, which is not everyone's cup of tea? However, that's how the book turned out.

Louis Quinton Van Orskey, or Van, has been in my head for years, and like Lucky in the Diversion books, he wouldn't shut up. And we saw what happened then.

Tayn wasn't so clear in the beginning and, don't tell the other characters, but he grew to become my favorite. How can you not love a guy who exists in a ship's circuits?

As for Jorvik, he started with a print I saw years ago on DeviantArt, called Tibetan Prince, with a somewhat haughty expression on his handsome face, decked out in jewels and finery. Circumstances show he's far more than meets the eye.

I'll keep you posted on when to expect this work to appear, but now I'm diving back into writing two books at one time: Decision (Diversion 8), and Highway Man the novel.


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