Saturday, April 20, 2019

Manipulation, Now Available in Audiobook

The talented Darcy Stark has once again brought Lucky, Bo, and the others to wonderful life with his performance of Manipulation (Diversion 4). He really nails Lucky's personality, and I love how Bo sounds a certain way, but his voice is distinctly different when he channels alter-ego Cyrus Cooper.

Lucky Lucklighter has a new life. His old life wants him back.

He traded trafficking for taking down criminals with the Southeastern Narcotics Bureau, and a drug-lord lover for a man on the right side of the law. Bo Schollenberger found the way past the thorny defenses of Lucky’s heart, and made Mr. I-Get-Along-Fine-Alone think about his and his closets, stevia in the sugar bowl, and a picket fence—with a good lock on the gate.

Now Bo is missing, and a voice long silenced asks, “Did you miss me?” Lucky must deal with a devil from his past to get Bo back.

And if Bo isn’t willing to come? A drug ring needs its back broken before flooding the US with a designer high, seductive and undetectable. But there’s a fine line between good and evil, and a truckload of temptation urging Lucky to cross.

You can find the audiobook version exclusively on Audible here

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