Saturday, January 19, 2019

When Faced With the Truth, or Farewell to Chocolate

Let's face it: I have allergies. Sniffling, sneezing, 24/7 allergies. Even though I take three allergy meds a day. If you've ever attended a convention with me, at some point you've likely heard the rapid-fire, machine-gun sneezes that some describe as sounding like a cat.

The record is 75 in five minutes. Yes, I was tired afterward.

For years I've dealt with it, but finally broke down and had a sensitivity test. I'd only recently discovered an allergy to pineapple, but I already knew of mango and celery.

The test told me things I should avoid, supplements to take, etcetera. Many will be easy, like caffeine, red meat and shellfish, since I've been vegetarian for 38 years and gave up caffeine 10 years ago (except for trace amounts). Lentils was as surprise, as was citrus fruits and spinach.

By far the most horrifying, the item that will prove to be the hardest to live without, is chocolate. I love a good dark chocolate, a cup of hot cocoa, chocolate chip cookies...

Sugar is also on the "avoid" list, as is milk. No more ice cream, unless I get the vegan kind. Bear said it seemed like this test left me with little to eat, but to be honest, when presented on a list, I'm giving up very few items as opposed to friends who have to watch every mouthful. Most of my allergens are environmental: mold, tree and grass pollen, dust. I live on a farm in the middle of nowhere, so no easy answer there. I'm also allergic to yellow dye, but not gluten.

I'm happily surprised that "pet dander" isn't on the list, as we have two cats, two (massive) dogs, goats, and a llama.

So, I get to keep the pets, but I have to give up all the rich creamer I love in my morning coffee.

And chocolate! Baw!!!


  1. Major suck. :( I suppose you could decide, periodically, that it's worth the inflammatory effect to have some chocolate, and just deal with the sneezing or whatever, for however long it lasts. :/ Still pretty depressing, though. {{}}

    Allergy to chocolate... that's just evil!


    1. Yeah. I probably won't cut it out entirely, but just greatly restrict the quantity.