Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The SNB Memorial Page

If you're a fan of the Diversion series, you'll know that Lucky spends some time agonizing over the Southeastern Narcotics Bureau's Memorial Page on the Internet while he contemplates his (or Bo's) mortality. Sadly, this isn't merely a construct of my imagination.

The DEA has such a memorial page. I've had my heart broken by each and every loss. They've lost folks to helicopter crashes, shootings in the line of duty, heart attacks, and even car wrecks. As Lucky states, someone left home that morning and didn't return. I've read every story on the page, held my own personal moment of silence for each life cut short.

Although I write about a fictional organization, the trials narcotics agents face are very real, and I have the deepest respect for anyone who puts their life on the line for the greater good, and the families and friends they leave behind.

Without brave souls like these, where would we be?

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