Saturday, August 11, 2018

Eddie's Helmet

There's an idea in my head that wants to be written, based around a motorcycle helmet. It's a tribute story, of sorts.

I met Eddie on the job, a man in his late sixties working as a security guard. We bonded over a mutual love of motorcycles. At the time he rode, I didn't, as I currently didn't own a bike and, due to vision limitations, wasn't likely to buy one.

Still, we relived glory days and always had something to talk about. Time went on, his health began to fade, and Eddie eventually sold his motorcycle. By then I'd started riding again, having met Bear, who owned a motorcycle.

One day while Eddie and I chatted, I mentioned how a full face helmet blocked all the wind, and half the joy of riding was wind in my face. He agreed.

Eddie brought me his helmet, complete with a half shield.

I cleaned it up, buffed out a few scratches, and bought a new visor. Whenever I rode, I wore Eddie's helmet.

Today for the first time after his passing, I donned the well-worn, well-loved headgear and climbed on the back of Bear's, now my husband, bike.

Eddie rode once more.

One day I'll sit down at the computer and a story worthy of this man's friendship will occur to me.

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