Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Lovely Review for What You Can't Live Without

Reviewer Lindsey at The Novel Approach Reviews had some glowing words for What You Can't Live Without:
"I just enjoyed this story to pieces. The characters both mature, they both learn to compromise, they find their purpose and how to achieve their HEA, and, ultimately, find out what truly matters."
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Dr. Arnulfo Oliva is torn: he could stay in the United States, but he vowed to return to his home country and practice medicine in the remote villages that offer little to no healthcare. Mitch doesn’t need him, not really; he’s surrounded by wealth and possessions.

Rising star Dr. Mitchell Rollins enjoys his lavish lifestyle, and if Nulfo wants to turn his back on all they could have together, let him. Mitch doesn’t even miss him. Much. Or think of him—more than five times an hour.

A magnitude 7.8 earthquake rocks El Salvador and both men. Mitch joins a mercy mission, determined to find his former lover, talk sense into the man, and bring him back to the US and safety. What he finds opens his eyes to all Nulfo tried to tell him.

Mitch must decide what he truly can’t live without. 

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  1. The story sounds light and moral boosting! It's been a while since I read something without lots of monsters and lunatics trying to kill Thank you for posting about it here!