Sunday, October 8, 2017

Coming Soon from Rocky Ridge Books!

Love cowboys? Love shifters? Love quick little reads you can fit into your lunch break? Then get ready for cowboy shifters, just in time for Halloween.

This story originally appeared in the Butt Riders on the Range anthology, but it's been curried and groomed and ready for release as a single.

If bulls#*t could kill….

Professional rodeo rider Kerry Abrams is fed up with bulls#*t. Literally. If the bullshifter herd thinks a lowly mustang ain’t good enough for one of theirs? Good riddance. And good riddance to the too-hot-for-his-own-good, arrogant son of a cow who broke his heart and left him with one less thing to look forward to during rodeo season. He doesn’t miss Armando Castillo at all! Ever! Okay, maybe some. Or every minute of every day.

Why does Armando’s herd have to meddle in his love life? He had the man he wanted, and if that man happens to spend part of his time with hooves and a mane, munching apples beneath a full moon while Armando wears horns, Armando will happily plant Kerry a whole orchard.

Kerry and Armando may be rodeo stars—both in human and animal forms—but the ex-lovers’ rivalry is even more legendary than their riding skills. Armando plans to win his man back. What’s the use of all those silver belt buckles if he doesn’t intend to use ‘em?

Coming from Rocky Ridge Books, October 25th. 

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